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Shop Local - Kao

This is the first in a series I will be doing on local small businesses, focusing on hand made and sustainability. I'm hoping that after my year of 'nothing new' I can begin to look in more depth at the best way to shop, ethical companies and how people are becoming more sustainable at every level. Shopping local is a great way to support small businesses, local economy and is more often ethically sound. The first fabulous local maker I'm featuring is Kaori and her business Kao. Tell me a bit about you and what you do /make / sell ?   My name is Kaori, I was Born and raised in japan, later I studied at  Nottingham Trent university and that’s where I met my husband. Now I’ve been  married for over 13 years and live in Shrewsbury with husband, two boys and a ginger cat. I've liked hand crafted objects and crafts ever since I was little. Sewing and stitching were introduced to me by my mum, and knitting and crochet by  my grandmother. I studied fa

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